Vegsutra Achievement

“VegSutra proudly received the esteemed ‘Pioneers 2021’ award from The Economic Times, a prestigious publication within the Times of India group, in recognition of its pioneering contributions to the world of vegetarian multi-brand live kitchen chain restaurants. The award celebrates VegSutra’s innovative utilization of food technology, setting remarkable industry benchmarks and redefining the vegetarian dining experience by seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge culinary methods. This accolade is a testament to VegSutra’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and its role as a trailblazer in the field.”

“VegSutra has achieved the prestigious title of ‘Iconic North Indian” an honor bestowed by the Times of India group. This recognition is a testament to VegSutra’s exceptional commitment to delivering authentic and fresh North Indian cuisine. It reflects their dedication to culinary excellence and their status as a distinguished brand in the culinary world. VegSutra’s innovative approach and high-quality offerings have earned them this iconic accolade, setting new standards in the industry.”
Times of India